The Supplement to Volume Two

Though still a relative small community, fans produced an exceptional volume of content in 1940. Quality varied widely, but the writing of some leading fans demonstrated a step-change in maturity of thought and power of expression. They waxed eloquently on their adventures at events and traveling to meet other fans. They stumped passionately for ideas they held held dear. They railed against injustice, real and perceived.

Our histories seek to bring the fan experience to life, balancing completeness against engaging, accessible story-telling. Our research on 1940 unearthed dozens of detailed narratives that we view as important. Each ran for three or more pages. Simply regurgitating these into the book would have expanded an already-massive volume to unmanageable proportions.

To bridge this gap, the core of Volume Two samples these narratives, presenting key passages supported by visual artifacts and context. IN ADDITION, purchasers of Volume Two will receive a digital supplement. The Volume Two Supplement contains full facsimiles of the extended articles as they originally appeared.

The Table of Contents of the Volume Two Supplement is shown here.
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The digital version is provided free of charge to purchasers of the print edition of Volume Two. Plans for a print version of the Supplement are under consideration.

The Volume Two Supplement represents our first effort to deliver additional value to those who support our work. When you buy one of our books, you’ll also be subscribing to an ongoing stream of related content. For purchasers of our print books, “members only” digital content — again, free of charge — will be made available in a gated area of our website.

Our public blog will also continue to publish interesting and important snippets from our archive and research. Stay tuned for more details as we develop FFE’s hybrid publishing model.

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