Finlay’s Illustrations for “The Ship of Ishtar”

First Fandom Experience is pleased to present a unique, limited-edition art poster featuring the work of renowned illustrator Virgil Finlay.

Letterpress printed from the original plates used to create the 1949 Memorial Edition of The Ship of Ishtar by Abraham Merritt. Not a digital reproduction.

The poster is 18×24 inches, printed on heavy cotton stock matching the tone of the paper from the book as issued by the Bordon Publishing Company.

Limited to 100 copies.

Click the image on the right for a detailed view.

In 1949, the Bordon Publishing Company issued the Memorial Edition of Abraham Merritt’s classic fantasy novel, The Ship of Ishtar.

Five original illustrations were commissioned from the leading fantasy illustrator of the day, Virgil Finlay. The resulting images are recognized as some of the the artist’s finest work.

Remarkably, in 2021 the original plates used to print the illustrations for the book were recovered from the assets of Bordon Publishing.

Left: One of the plates used to print Finlay’s illustrations for “The Ship of Ishtar”

First Fandom Experience collaborated with artisan printer Union Press of Somerville, Massachusetts to produce a limited-edition letterpress poster struck from these original plates. No digital reproduction was used. With careful cleaning, the plates produced the exceptional fine detail that characterized the illustrations as they appeared in the book. Captions were added from the text to convey the passages that inspired the artist.

Limited to 100 copies. Shipped securely. Click “Pay with PayPal” to order.

Virgil Finlay “Ship of Ishtar” poster

Limited edition art poster, letter-press printed from the original plates from “The Ship of Ishtar,” Bordon Publishing Company, 1949. Price includes shipping to the continental United States. Please contact us for shipping elsewhere.