Whence Our Signature Pin?

The First Fandom Experience lapel pin has become our de facto logo. We needed a logo for our Windy City launch. We had the pin. Lacking any further inspiration and running out of time, the pin was it.

We didn’t invent the pin. It’s derived from a very relevant piece of science fiction fan history. Props go to Hugo Gernsback, Charles D. Hornig, and the staff of Wonder Stories in 1934 when the Science Fiction League was launched. The distinctive spaceship design was used as the League’s insignia…

…and appeared on the club’s membership pin. This original from the 1930s – a rare survival – is in the collection of Doug Ellis.

The pin was offered to members for 35 cents – close to $7 in today’s money.

In the depths of the Great Depression, we’re not sure that anyone ever sprang for the $2.50 solid gold version.

The original image for the insignia was based on an iconic Frank R. Paul cover from Science Wonder Quarterly, Fall 1929.

Our adapted facsimile was designed by Alison Scott of Stow Shirts,
Walthamstow, London. Alison was great to work with and also facilitated the manufacturing. You can see her reproduction of the original pin in her Etsy store.

We award FFE pins to friends, family and good folks who help us to spread the word about our project. Look for us at a science fiction, fantasy, or comic book convention soon!